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  Sony Xperia Z Ultra Repair Service
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Repair Service

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Sony Xperia Z Ultra Repair Service

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Screen Repair:
Repair Broken Screen - Cracked Glass Digitizer and/or LCD [Add $379.99]

Back Cover:
Repair Back Cover or Replace Missing Back Cover [Add $99.99]

Primary Camera:
Repair Primary Camera [Add $129.99]

Second Camera:
Repair Secondary Camera [Add $119.99]

Camera Removal:
Remove the Camera(s) [Add $119.99]

Headset Jack:
Repair Headset Jack [Add $119.99]

Charging Port:
Repair Charging Port [Add $129.99]

Repair Earpiece Speaker [Add $109.99]

Repair Microphone [Add $119.99]

Home Button:
Repair Home Button(s) [Add $129.99]

Power Button:
Repair Power Button [Add $119.99]

Ringer Switch:
Repair Ringer Switch [Add $119.99]

Repair Vibrate Feature [Add $119.99]

Volume Buttons:
Repair Volume Buttons [Add $119.99]

Repair Antenna [Add $119.99]

Replace the Battery [Add $119.99]

USB Port:
Repair USB Port [Add $129.99]

Memory Card:
Repair Memory Card Reader [Add $119.99]

SIM Card:
Repair SIM Card Reader [Add $129.99]

Water Damage:
Repair Water or other Liquid Damage [Add $199.99]

Backup or Recover Available Data to USB Memory Stick [Add $149.99]

Apply a Custom Enginered Protective Skin [Add $19.99]

Extended Warranty Service Coverage (Monthly Fee) [Add $9.99]
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Sony Xperia Z Ultra Repair Service

An ultra-slim design and a huge HD screen are enough to give this Sony Xperia phone all the leverage it needs on the mobile phone market. What's more amazing is that this cell phone is water-resistant and blazingly fast, as well. For all of your Xperia's "Ultra" features, trust the best repair center in the business when something goes wrong. We'll check out your Sony Xperia Z Ultra's massive touchscreen, the super-fast processor, or anything else that could be causing problems.

Similar to the Sony Xperia C6802, the Sony Xperia X6806, and the Sony Xperia C6833.

Common repairs include:

  • Battery and charging failures
  • Non-removable battery
  • Cracked or broken screen
  • Water damage

Battery and charging failures, cracked or broken screens, water damage, and general maintenance issues have been reported and serviced on almost all cell phone models we repair, including the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Whether it's an accident, general maintenance issues or known/reported problems from the manufacturer, our technicians are trained and certified to diagnose and fix it.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Repair Center

Our trained and certified technicians fix:

  • Everyday wear and tear
  • Data recovery issues
  • Accidental damage
  • Factory flaws
  • Damage from dropping the phone
  • Cracked or broken screens
  • Water damage
  • Battery replacement
  • Charging problems
  • Power and board failures
  • Reception and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Earpiece and microphone issues
  • Camera repair, replacement and removal
  • LED, LCD and soldered lights
  • Non-responsive keyboard and digitizer
  • Keyboard and digitizer components
  • Button repair
    • Keyboard, power, volume, ringer switches, home buttons
  • Port repair
    • USB, SIM card, charging, headphone, HDMI

And more!

  • Physical damage to phone case or chassis
  • Board-level components repair and replacement
  • Headset, Bluetooth devices and peripherals

Preventative maintenance: We offer cell phone service options such as applying a water-resistant coating and cleaning of internal parts. Stay one step ahead with these service options, ideal for cell phones with heavy use, operation in unfavorable environments or dirty conditions, and for general upkeep. Contact us for more details!

With years of experience, a loaded stockroom and the best tools of the trade, our services feature the top-tier quality you expect for your mobile lifestyle. We fix what other repair centers cannot!

Facts about your Sony Xperia Z Ultra

  • Release date: July 2013
  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Default carrier: -
  • Operating system: Google Android 4.2
  • Generation: 4G
  • Weight: 7.48-oz.
  • Height: 7.06-in.
  • Screen: 6.4-in. (diagonal length) touchscreen
  • Camera: 8 megapixels, 1080p
  • Battery: lithium ion
  • Connections: micro-USB (with HDMI), headset jack
  • Features: internal antenna, NFC, LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

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