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Save the day with our Huawei (pronounced: WAH-way) cell phone repair services. Instead of sending your Chinese-manufactured device to the other side of the world for repairs, let us do it the very next day. As bold and dynamic as your Huawei, our technicians are the best in this hemisphere or any other.

Please contact us via email, phone or "Live Chat" for assistance in finding your model name and number, and addressing common problems. Or try our troubleshooting steps below.

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Need help finding your Huawei model?

Which Huawei Model is Mine?

Cell phone manufacturers will make one model, and then produce spin-off devices with little tweaks and minor changes. For example, carriers may offer the same model of phone, but request cosmetic changes and name it differently to suite their needs. Or a manufacturer will reproduce a popular model with upgraded features and nearly identical looks.

Images aren't always enough to identify your cell phone:

  • Look for a model number. It is usually located near the "Made in" text, or SKU and IMEI numbers/barcodes.
  • Check the exterior of the cell phone, either the front or the back, or look for a sticker on the box it was packaged in (if you still have it).
  • Turn the phone off and check underneath the casing. Manufacturer numbers and codes are sometimes located near the battery or underneath the battery cover. Or check behind the battery itself.
  • For most Android-operated phones, go to "Settings" in the applications menu, click "About," then "Phone identity." Paths may differ by phone or Android version.
  • Turn the phone on and watch the start-up screen. Sometimes the model name or series name will flash briefly.


  • Type the model number into an internet search and browse the results to find your model's name.
  • Model numbers are often preceded by a letter or two.
  • SKU, IMEI and other serial numbers with barcodes are not model numbers.
  • Dial *#06# to display your phone's IMEI number (on most phones).
Common problems and at-home solutions

Common Problems and At-Home Solutions

Caution: Be careful not to injure yourself or void your cell phone's warranty.

Cracked or broken screen. Dropping your cell phone or other pressures can shatter the glass screen. Glass replacement can be done at home with a kit. If the problem is deeper than just the screen's surface, then you may need to replace or repair the entire screen assembly. Our expert technicians can have your phone functioning in no-time again.

Battery and charging issues. Everyday use can easily wear out even the most robust of batteries. Some cell phones do not allow you to access the phone's battery and you will need our professional help. Corroded charging ports and other mechanics can also create poor battery performance. Let us diagnose the problem for you.

Water damage. Just like most electronics, puddles, rain droplets, excess moisture and other environment factors are your cell phone's worst enemy. Should your phone get wet, let it dry out—It may work again. Unfortunately, water causes long-term damage, such as corroding metal connections and seeping into places you can't dry out. We offer a proprietary process for drying your cell phone, and can repair or replace all affected components.

Google Android OS-related

  • Wi-Fi connectivity and reception problems have been reported on some Android devices. When holding the phone above your head, next to the wireless router, inside, outside and in other arm stretches is not working, the cause of the problem may be your phone's antennae. Take the "work-out" out of your cell phone with our professional services.

  • "Fragmentation" has become another common problem. Many cell phone models dispersed to a lot of carriers, and all of the phones using different variations and versions of the Android operating system—referred to as "fragmentation." When Google releases an update, it can take forever until it reaches your phone, leaving you without some of the new "normal" cell phone functionality. Check with your carrier for updates.

Windows Phone OS-related

  • Rebooting and freezing at random times has caused problems on some Windows devices. Try pulling the battery out for 30 seconds or so, and then replacing it. Or delete unused applications and other programs that use up memory. If nothing seems to work and the problem is only getting worse, it could be faulty hardware. From board-level repairs to cleaning dirty connections, we have the right tools for the job.